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Kudos to letter writer

The Letter To The Editor from Barbara Garland in the 4/26/18 newspaper was extremely well done. She explained the complicated stalemate we are facing while pointing out that the “Red for Ed” initiative is only aimed at one factor in a multi dimension situation.

Employee strikes called by union leaders are useful tools for bringing a spotlight on one part of a problem. Unfortunately, the use of that tool intentionally leaves the issues facing the other stakeholders unaddressed.

Barbara was on target in outlining these issues. The “single purpose strategy” while expected from Union leadership is usually the primary roadblock in reaching a solution to complicated and emotional situations. The other groups which are equally impacted and must be simultaneously considered are of course the students, parents of the students, other school employees, school administrators and last, but not least the AZ state taxpayers. The questions every striking teacher should be asking are: Do I personally understand the problem, what are we trying to achieve by striking, how will this strike contribute to solving the problem, and finally isn’t there a better way than using a series of protests for delivering a satisfactory result for all parties?

I encourage the teachers to be strong, stand tall and do the right thing.

Everyone is counting on you.

Bill Gislason