Promises made, promises kept

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When I ran for City Council four years ago, I promised three things:  I promised I would work to restore Glendale’s financial condition. Four years ago, Glendale was on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, Glendale is rated A+, A1, and AAA by the three largest municipal bond rating companies in America. Additionally, we have created a $40+ million reserve fund to protect vital city services against future economic downturns.

Secondly, I promised I would work to create jobs and attract good businesses. First, we quit fighting the casino. This has created hundreds of high-paying construction jobs, as well as good permanent jobs from entry level to upper management. We have also attracted great companies like BMW, TopGolf, Ring, Conair, and many more, which will bring over 2,200 new jobs to Glendale.

And, lastly, I promised I would work to stop taxpayer subsidies of professional sports. Not only did we win our battle with the Coyotes hockey team to regain management control of our arena, which saves taxpayers over $6 million per year, we also turned security and medical services at the Cardinals’ stadium back to the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, which will save Glendale taxpayers millions more dollars over the coming years.

But great success isn’t achieved by individuals working alone. By working together, in the last four years, your City Council:

• Ensured every traditional high school in Glendale has a uniformed and armed police officer on campus during school hours.;

• Added two low-acuity units to our fire department to improve response times;

• Adopted a five-year Pavement Management Program, which is well on its way to addressing the needs of our over 700 miles of streets;

• Reached an agreement with the Tohono O’odham Nation for it to pay the city $1.4 million per year in lieu of traditional city taxes;

• Equipped our police officers with body cameras to improve training and transparency;

• Refinanced city bond debt – saving over $72 million in future interest payments;

• Purchased land to fulfill our parking obligations to the Arizona Cardinals, which saved about $25 million over the cost of building a parking garage;

• Increased staffing in police, planning, code compliance, and engineering;

• Increased transparency by posting Council expenses online and extending email retention from one year to two years.;

• Settled a 25-year-old condemnation dispute with Conair Corp., which paved the way for it to build a new 1-million-square-feet distribution center that employs 300 people;

• Preserved the Foothills Branch Library and we are preparing to open the new Heroes Park Branch Library in 2019;

• Hired AEG, the world’s largest arena management company, to bring a wide variety of great entertainment to our Gila River Arena;

• Cut employee turnover from 20 percent to 8 percent; and

• Provided our police and fire personnel with state-of-the-art safety equipment, including new self-contained breathing apparatus, tablets, radios, turnouts, defibrillators and life-saving trauma kits.

The amazing turnaround our city has seen in the last four years has been accomplished by a City Council that, despite the diversity of our districts, works well together. We don’t always agree on the methods, but we always agree on the goal — improving Glendale for the benefit of all our citizens.

Don’t mess with success. Re-elect all three City Council incumbents.