Front view of person holding ballot paper casting vote at a polling station for election vote in black background

Long ago, city planners mapped out the city of Glendale, meticulously assigning street names in subdivisions and commercial parks to create an easy way to navigate around town.

Lately, in the “cancel culture” times we are in, some have looked to Glendale street names as an affront to their own sensibilities without taking history into account. For instance, some agitators from outside the city are lobbying the Glendale City Council to rename Robert E. Lee Street.

Despite being in the conservative West Valley, some are pushing a politically correct world where we must adhere to a liberal-defined set of guidelines for how we live and speak.

Robert E. Lee Street has been around for decades, but just a few people have decided it’s time to change the name of the avenue without discussion or input from people who live on the street or in the area.

I don’t want history to be whitewashed nor rewritten at the hands of a politically biased group. Robert E. Lee was an imperfect individual who fought both for and against the United States.

The mob should not rule in Glendale, or anywhere in America. Rather we are a country where ideas can be debated in the public square.

It may be time to do away with street names no longer in vogue. But with such a controversial and politically sensitive issue, I believe the voters of Glendale should be allowed to weigh in. If our city leaders want to ask the voters to provide direction, I would wholeheartedly support that move. The community should have its say on such an important matter.

The ballot box is where we make our most important decisions, with the state making four dates available to cities to hold local elections. Glendale City Council, before making a rushed decision without community input, ought to consider sending the issue to the ballot to give an opportunity for every voter to have a say in this decision. 

We have the greatest representative democracy in the history of the world. It’s these kinds of decisions where direction from the voters is needed.

Let’s encourage our council to send this important issue to ballot in 2021.