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I’m very frustrated with the impeachment hearings so far as they have appeared mostly partisan. As a Republican voter, I expect both sides of the aisle to take this seriously and conduct a lawful and rigorous probe—as is their responsibility under the Constitution.

Americans deserve to get to the truth behind the Ukraine phone call. The President’s actions raise serious questions about our elections and our national security. I have been impressed by the witnesses, but the line of questioning by lawmakers frequently strays off topic, sometimes even into baseless conspiracy theories. We should expect more from our representatives, as I personally will with Sen. Martha McSally if this inquiry moves to the Senate. 

And the President’s behavior during the proceedings is simply unacceptable; sending Tweets attacking distinguished public servants while they are giving their testimonies is only creating a stronger case for his own impeachment. We should have learned our lesson from his attempted obstruction of the Robert Mueller investigation.

This isn’t a “witch hunt.” This is a completely warranted investigation into highly irregular foreign policy activities by the current administration. It is taking place in a legal framework that should be respected even by the President’s defenders. I call on our representatives to abide by the rule of law and finish this inquiry in an honorable way.

Theresa Harris