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Shocked at Aldama’s behavior

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I attended a Glendale Chamber Breakfast on August 3, 2018. Sure politics are often emotional, but that did not give Jamie Aldama who was representing the City of Glendale and Ocotillo District the license to act like a child who didn’t get his way in front of a 100 people

At the meeting, I tried to shake Jamie’s hand, but he refused (I am supporting Emmanuel Allen in the upcoming election). I have known Jamie for many years. I just took my seat and waited for my 20- to 30-second commercial. Rather than promote my business, I gave praise to Emmanuel and his wife, Belinda, for helping the youth through the organization Roots.

When it was Emmanuel’s turn he mentioned Roots and that he was running for City Council in the Ocotillo District. He also stated five of the current city councilmembers are endorsing him as a candidate.

When it came time for Jamie to give his commercial, he walked over to where I was sitting and started talking about who he considers to be my competitor. Jamie stated all the people in Glendale should buy their insurance from this individual who supports him.

Then, Jamie did something I was taken aback by, when he stated the reason five city councilmembers endorsed Emmanuel was because they are corrupt. Most, if not all, in attendance were shocked Jamie would state this and not substantiate it with any facts.

When the mayor spoke, he had no choice, but to let the audience know there is no corruption at City Hall with these five councilmembers. Several Chamber members have expressed their disappointment at Jamie’s lack of self-control. In my opinion, Jamie certainly did not represent the City and Ocotillo constituents in a positive light at the Chamber breakfast.

David Mitchell