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The Biden administration is not only working to erase our southern border; it is also intent on erasing any term that accurately depicts the dire situation we now face.

Officials are directing department heads at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to embrace politically correct euphemisms.

Hence, “illegal” becomes “undocumented”; “alien” morphs into “noncitizen,” or “migrant” and “assimilation” transform into “integration.”

As expected, advocates for open borders champion these changes as “humane.”

“Insane” is more like it.

Aiding and abetting in this insanity are the watchdogs turned lapdogs of the media.

Tegna, the parent company of KPNX-TV (Channel 12, Phoenix), has issued a corporate mandate to expunge the terms “illegal” and “illegal immigrant” from news coverage provided by its stations.

Taking to Twitter to crow about the new policy was Jeremy Jojola, a reporter for Tegna-owned KUSA-TV, Denver. Jojola insists the “language is changing to make it less harmful.” 

He adds, “We will also avoid someone’s immigration status if it’s not relevant to (the) story.”

Finally, the reporter becomes a confessor: “As a Hispanic and longtime hard news journalist who worked in El Paso, Ciudad Juarez and Albuquerque, I am guilty of immediately accepting the Americanized consensus and archaic terms.”

Americanized? Archaic?

Try “accurate,” instead.

A closer examination of Jojola’s “word salad” is troubling. Journalism is displaced by advocacy when he asserts that euphemism limits harm. Worse, the reporter becomes judge, jury and censor when he promises to avoid mentioning the immigration status of a story subject if it’s “not relevant.” 

Does this mean that he won’t mention an accused criminal’s initial crime of coming here illegally — oops! — arriving “unauthorized?”

 Most troubling, Jojola confuses ethnicity with ethics. He confesses his “guilt” as a Hispanic for using terms once commonly accepted in the “reporter’s lexicon.”

Actually, the Associated Press (AP) moved to amend its “stylebook” long before Tegna took its recent actions. Way back in 2013, the AP axed the terms “illegal alien,” an “illegal,” and “illegals.” The AP went even further, also banning the use of “unauthorized.” The only time such terms were authorized? 

When they came in direct quotations.

Of course, it should also be noted that the AP made its changes at the height of the Obama administration, voicing concerns that the terms had to be changed because they were “labeling people, instead of behavior.” In so doing, the AP could very well have changed its own name from “Associated Press” to “Active Partisans.”

There are obvious partisan priorities in play when it comes to our border policy.

Simply stated, Democrats view open borders and amnesty as a chance to bring in “cheap votes.” Establishment Republicans agree because they desire “cheap labor.”

Yet Americans of a more populist bent from both parties or without partisan affiliation understand that the only thing cheapened by open borders is our national security, our economic security, and our personal security. 

So, plain speaking is in order: it is time to end the illegal invasion of our country. Our nation’s very survival is at stake.

President Reagan put it this way: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”