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Wismer an asset to court

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Craig Wismer currently serves as the Justice of the Peace for the Arrowhead Justice Precinct covering Sun City, Peoria and Glendale. I have had the fortune or misfortune, as it may be, to have experienced his justice and was able to see him in action on four different occasions and was so impressed with the integrity and fairness of this man that even though I personally ended up paying a substantial fine and court costs, will be voting for Judge Wismer. 

I watched this man deal with various offenders with the patience and justice of a saint. No matter how full his calendar and no matter how many offenders may be lined up to pass through his court, he takes the time to hear everyone out, give them more than enough information to make an informed decision regarding their case. No one, and I do mean no one, ever makes a plea without this patient man taking the time to explain the implication of making a plea and what their options may be.

I watched him deal with a woman, allowing her to testify as a victim of a crime over the phone. This woman was so uncooperative that any judge would have just ruled against her and called it a day. Not Judge Wismer. He bent over backwards to be sure that this woman had her day in court even though she did everything to exhaust the court’s patience.

This man is the kind of judge or justice of the peace that clearly deserves to be retained because he is surely an asset to our court system.

Mike Gilles