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The Arizona Supreme Court issued its ruling allowing the “Smart and Safe Arizona” initiative—Proposition 207—to remain on the ballot despite concerns over deficiencies in its 100-word statement. Big Marijuana sought to deceive Arizona voters with the summary and got away with it. Keep in mind: The Arizona Voter Protection Act makes it almost impossible for the legislature to fix, change or update a law passed by ballot initiative.

Once passed, we are stuck with the law as is, not because the people wanted it on the ballot but because Big Marijuana brought it here. Colorado and California voters warn Arizonans not to make the same mistake.

Most voters will never read all 17 pages of Prop 207. Here is a summary of some critical points that impact everyone.

 Did you know your neighbors can grow and use marijuana in their backyard and your HOA cannot do anything about it?


Impact on employers

• It creates a personal “right” to use marijuana and weakens the rights of employers to maintain a drug-free workplace.

• It does not allow employers to prohibit marijuana use by employees outside the workplace or take adverse action against an employee based solely on a positive marijuana test.


Weakens DUID laws

• Will put more impaired drivers on the road. (69% of Colorado users report driving high.)

• Makes it more difficult to get marijuana-impaired drivers off the road.

• Removes current standard that has been very effective in deterring impaired driving and prosecuting marijuana DUID.


Negative impact on our

already damaged economy

• Rewards marijuana insiders—the writers and funders of the initiative.    

• It creates a monopoly that favors existing marijuana businesses.

• Puts no limit on the amount of marijuana to be grown, produced and manufactured by licensees.

• It imposes a 16% marijuana tax but caps it regardless of the final cost to the state. (In Colorado, for every $1 of revenue, Colorado spends $4.50 to mitigate the effects of legalization. Do we want that kind of drag on our economy?) 


Harms our youth

• Harms developing brains.

• Makes pot more accessible to kids. (States that legalized recreational marijuana have some of the highest youth usage in the nation.)

• More kids will use high-potency marijuana—which has been linked to psychosis and early onset of mental illness. 

• Leads to more infants born with THC in their systems.

• Allows marijuana gummies, candies, cookies, soda and vape pens.

• Allows marijuana businesses to advertise on every platform.


The Way Out West (WOW) Coalition aims to give youth every opportunity to grow up drug and alcohol free. As leaders in drug prevention and education, the WOW Coalition opposes recreational marijuana legalization because we believe use threatens the health, welfare and safety for all people, users and nonusers alike. For more information on Proposition 207, visit

Want to learn how this initiative adversely affects families, public safety, communities and employers? Invite the WOW Coalition to your group or organization’s next virtual meeting.