Opinion: Biden declares war – on himself

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared “War on Poverty.”

In 1971, President Richard Nixon announced a “War on Drugs.”

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter said “the moral equivalent of war” was needed to combat the Energy Crisis.

In early April of this year, the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue called his wife of almost 45 years Barack Obama’s vice president.

No foolin’.

Despite the thick “brain fog” enveloping President Joe Biden, the leftist cabinet officers and staffers surrounding him have a mission they are pursuing with crystal clarity.

Simply stated, it is an undeclared “War on the Law-Abiding.”

Gone is the notion of improving the standard of living for an increasingly shrinking middle class. Also absent is any inclination to advocate for the “little guy who works hard and plays by the rules.” And long ago, what Hubert Humphrey called the “politics of joy” went missing in action.

All that has been replaced by the politics of grievance.

Deliberate steps have been taken to make sure that Lady Justice has lost her blindfold and that a heavy left thumb has unbalanced her scales. “Equal justice under law” has yielded to “special justice based on cultural consideration of ‘social victim’ status.”

That’s the rationale behind the deliberate use of the term “equity” to replace the concept of equality. Rather than work to insure equality of opportunity for all, the Biden Bunch has chosen to short-circuit that process and manipulate outcomes favoring those regarded as “deserving.” So now, “cultural karma” displaces constitutional principles.

In progressive parlance, it’s called “social justice.”

In the real world, it’s called “payback.”

The vision of a “Post-Racial America” has deteriorated into a “Most-Racial America,” viewed through the prism of progressive politics. Disagree with leftist methods and goals? You’ll immediately hear the taunt, “Racist!”

Misfits, miscreants, and militants comprise the core constituency of the American Left today, along with “conspiring capitalists of convenience,” who rely on the manipulation of government policies to achieve their desired business success.

Think of the bevy of billionaires who reached that economic status based on their “timely investments” in so-called “green energy” policies propagated by progressives.

Who made the largest investment? American taxpayers, of course.

Who reaped the largest profits? Political patrons of today’s Democratic Party.

Turns out the “green” in “green energy” isn’t the environment!

Even life-long Democrats have discovered that this isn’t their Grandpa’s political party.

AOC is no JFK… Kamala Harris is no Barbara Jordan…and though he may fit the demographic, there’s nothing grandfatherly about Biden.

Scowling, squinting, and shouting isn’t a display of leadership; it betrays a lack of confidence…or worse, confusion.

While Biden’s befuddlement is personal, no such confusion is shared collectively within the Biden Administration. For the team allegedly “supporting” Ol’ Joe, the modus operandi seems to be “just put it in front of ‘Pops’ and he’ll sign it!”

The comparative ease of issuing executive orders when compared with finding consensus for legislative action was encapsulated in this comment from former Bill Clinton aide Paul Begala: “Stroke of a pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool!”

Voters’ ardor has cooled for Joe Biden…his perilous plunge in the polls confirms it.

So does the increasingly critical coverage from major newspapers, the alphabet networks, and their “cable cousins.”

Charitably, it’s hard to imagine the Joe Biden who entered the Senate in 1973 at age 30 would recognize the Joe Biden of today. No, that’s not because of what leftists would label as “political maturity.” Instead, it is due to his sadly obvious cognitive deterioration.

Given his rare moments of clarity, Biden must realize that he is really at war with himself.