Keep Glendale alive – Vote no on Prop 457, yes on permanent sales tax increase

Glendale has long been a place people choose to call home. Businesses want to be here for our quality of life. Families want to be here, often for generations. But Proposition 457 aims to destroy the things that are at the heart of the community.

Do not be fooled – this proposition, which was put forth by non-Glendale residents, doesn’t have anything to do with the Coyotes or the NHL. This proposition will slash the City of Glendale’s budget and the results will be devastating, the type of destruction that a city may not come back from.

If you own a home or business in Glendale, you may go from living in a city with some of the best amenities and quality of life in the Southwest to one with fewer firefighters and police officers. One without libraries (they may be forced to close), one with fewer parks, no children’s recreation, and one with a downtown that will no longer host enviable hometown events.

A vote for 457 is a vote against our way of life. You will be doing it for a group of non-Glendale citizens who couldn’t care less how this proposition affects us, but for the monies that they can make by opposing issues and decisions that our mayor and city council make on all of our behalf.

A few short years ago, not once, but twice, the citizens of Glendale voted on a pay raise, not just for our mayor, but also for our city council. That pay raise was and still is very warranted to my way of thinking. And to think that any special-interest group would undermine all of us who live and work in Glendale for a personal paycheck is absurd.

Glendale residents will not stand for that and are much more up to date and aware that we can always fire our mayor or city councilmembers, but Proposition 457 may be with us forever if it passes. The general sales tax increase is another issue that is very close to all of us here in Glendale and no one likes to pay more. However, like voting on a pay raise for our mayor and city council, there is a time and place for everything.

Glendale has held out for nearly 20 years since our last permanent general sales tax increase, and one of the last cities in the entire Valley to do so. So, let us all vote NO on Proposition 457 and let our mayor and city council members make good solid decisions and YES on a much needed general sales tax increase to give them the tools to get it done. Please vote Nov. 6.

Joe Cerreta