After watching the Glendale Women’s Club candidate forum on Channel 11, I am left wondering three things: Michael Patino cites his experience sitting on the Peoria City Council for four years as a qualification that sets him apart from the other candidates for the Glendale City Council.  But when he ran for reelection in Peoria, he lost.  If his own hometown voters who had experienced his representation firsthand didn’t want him, why would we? 

Also, Randy Miller freely admits that by his own survey, 80 percent of Barrel District residents support the proposed casino/resort, but he declares, if elected, he would vote against it.  What is it he doesn’t understand about the term “representative democracy?” 

And then there is Reginald Martinez.  He couldn’t attend the forum because he had to be at his day job.  Does he not realize that there is much more to serving on the city council than just attending the evening meetings?  There are afternoon workshop sessions that are several hours long and a good councilman needs to be available during daytime hours to meet with residents, business owners, and to serve on regional committees as well.

It was very clear from watching the candidate forum that there is only one candidate in the Barrel District who is prepared for the challenges of serving on the city council.   That is why I encourage all Barrel District residents to vote for Bart Turner.

Lisa Cooper-Durbin