The Arizona Coyotes have partnered with Arizona-based Mito Red Light Inc., which develops red light therapy products to “support recovery, performance and overall health and wellness.” Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Devan McConnell, the Coyotes’ high-performance director, said he believes the franchise will benefit greatly from the partnership.

“The integration of red light therapy from Mito Red has been a huge benefit in our high-performance program for our Coyotes players and our prospects with the Tucson Roadrunners,” McConnell said.

“From pre-practice preparation to post-competition recovery, the addition of this technology has been incredibly well-received by our players, coaches and training staff. Recovery and regeneration are arguably the most important aspects of an in-season performance program, and Mito Red has provided us with a host of tools to aid in this necessary service to our athletes.”

The Coyotes plan to use Mito Red Light’s “MitoPERFORM” panels, which contain “near-infrared wavelengths demonstrated to penetrate deepest into the body.” The team also plans to use a patent-pending Vitality Booth, which is said to combine red light therapy and halotherapy.

Scott Chaverri, chief executive officer of Mito Red, said he is thrilled to work with an NHL-level organization.

“We are very excited to be partnering with our local NHL team and are committed to helping the Coyotes integrate these modalities into their program to take their performance and recovery to an even higher level,” Chaverri said.

“Healthy light exposure is a critical part of overall health and wellness. Light therapy designed and used properly, can support performance and recovery even in highly trained athletes. We are still at the early adopter stage of this technology, but we are very excited for what the future holds.”