Sports Equipment on green grass, Top view

In allowing fall sports competition, the Arizona Interscholastic Association announced modifications for high school sports ranging from badminton all the way to football. 

Eight sports received modifications, with similarities between the modifications between all the sports. For example, in pregame, players and staff should maintain 6 feet apart as much as possible; dressing rooms should be designed where players can stay distant from each other; and whenever possible, team personnel should be wearing masks. 

Some sports received very specific modifications, such as golf and badminton. In golf, if a player has a shot in the bunker, rakes are not to be used. 

And when a ball is holed, the golfer should not touch the flag stick at any point. 

In badminton, shuttlecocks are to be cleaned as much as possible. Equipment was to be cleaned during timeouts or intermissions to ensure the safety of everyone around. 

Football and soccer received modifications before, during and after competitions.

For example, masks are to be worn at all times possible when not on the field. Team boxes are 80 yards long to ensure social distancing.

During intermissions, game equipment will be sanitized, which may lead to longer halftimes or quarter breaks. 

Soccer and football pregame conferences are reduced to one captain per team, with social distancing.

The AIA does not allow before- or after-game handshakes or any kind of contact between opposing teams. 

For example, with badminton, “No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc., should occur pre- or post-match. Racket bumps are OK.”

In football, “No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc., can occur pre- or post-match.”

Once games are over, players are expected to maintain social distance and to leave the locker rooms as quickly as they can. 

As for volleyball,  the pregame and postgame rules are the same as other sports, and game equipment will also be sanitized as much as possible. Usually teams will switch sides in volleyball, but if there is no clear advantage, which the referee will decide, teams will not switch sides to ensure social distancing.