Demers Glass services

Some Demers Glass services include skylights, window tinting, solar screens and  custom all-glass tables.

Demers Glass is not the typical glass company. Owner Pierre Demers said the staff cares about their work and their customers. 

“We’ve had to fix a lot of work that other companies have done,” Demers said. “If it’s something we would have done in the same fashion, we would be getting sued by now.”

With offices in Peoria, Lakeside and Flagstaff, Demers Glass performs services such as custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights, residential windows and doors, glass replacements, retractable screen doors, solar screens, security/storm doors, window tinting, solar powered awnings, architectural glass, custom laminated glass, cast/slump glass, mirrors, shower doors, privacy glass, tabletops, custom all-glass tables, all-glass entrances and handrails.

Founded in 1977, the family business began as a small glass shop in Phoenix. Since then, it has become well known among architectural firms and general contractors for its talented staff. 

“We were living in New Hampshire and my dad picked up the whole family and headed to Arizona because he was tired of working for somebody else,” Demers said. 

“He wanted to do something on his own. He started Demers Glass, and all five of us kids have been involved at one time. We three brothers bought out our two sisters, and then we bought out our dad in 2003.”

One aspect has been consistent since the early days: The staff thoroughly explains their intention. 

“Not everybody has the mentality of our trade,” Demers said. “If there’s something wrong with the glass, we try to fix it for the customer before a full-on replacement. They understand what they’re getting. There are no surprises once the work is complete with Demers Glass.”